Lets start a blog!

So I have this space where I could keep a blog and share with all of my customers that is already a built in part of my website.  Awesome right? It would be better if I actually used it. So today is as good as any to start.  It's really another day in the crazy life here, except this morning I am making a new batch of coffee creamer (super easy, recipe is below), then it is time to bust my butt and whip out these dresses that were ordered over the weekend.  They will be up on the site...

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Welcome to WB Wears

I am so excited to be launching a new website to conduct business on!  I will be posting updates, sales and information regarding last items here in the blog, so check back often. I do have 2 very important things to put out in the first message.  1. I am starting up an affiliate program, send me a message to titled "Affiliate" if you are interested in earning a little credit for helping to share the word! 2. and the biggie. I need some testers! I am developing a running short and I need some people who are willing to...

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