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Masks á la carte

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Same fitted masks by themselves without filters. Use this listing if you want individual sizes, or need to add an extra mask but have enough filters. 

Current Turnaround is 5-7 days! 

If you are a healthcare worker, please contact us at or via, there is a fund to provide you masks! Thank you for putting that uniform on daily and facing this head on. 

These are cloth masks with pockets that hold a filter insert. 

***These will not prevent COVID-19, but can aid in reducing the transmission of liquid particulates that may carry viral or bacterial particles***

Please wash mask after each use. 

Please wash hands before and after handling masks. COVID-19 is best prevented by good hygiene practices. 

Listing includes a single mask.

Prints will vary as I am purchasing bulk lots of fabric at discounted rates and am sewing as it arrives.  

Please choose size and preferences for each mask. 

Masks are made to order, we are currently at a 5-7 day turnaround. 


If you are a frontline worker or you cannot afford masks (any donations will be accepted), please contact us via or pm us via facebook at 

If you would like to donate without purchasing, you can find links to donate on our facebook page at 



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